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modern architecture london

Southwood House Estate

Andrews, Emerson & Sherlock, 1958-62
Housing | Southwood Lane, N6

Southwood House (c1745) burned down in 1953 and the site was offered for tender by the local authority. The trianglar site is on a north facing slope bordered by three roads. It was decided early on that as many as possible of the existing mature trees and shrubs should be preserved.

The development therefore has terraces on each of the three sides with all the houses having small private gardens leading to a communal garden at the centre. On Jackson's Lane and Southwood Lane, two new service roads were built which meant more trees on the edge of the existing roads could be retained.

There are 43 houses in total - 27 two-story three bedroom houses, nine two-story four bedroom houses and seven three-story three bedroom houses.

Southwood House Estate
1 - 2 story, 3 bedroom
2 - 2 story, 4 bedroom
3 - 3 story, 3 bedroom
4 - Communal garden